4 Reasons YAY Driver should be the Ridesharing Company of your Choice

  • #29 Oct-2018

Almost all of us need to hire taxis to travel from one place to another at times. All of us want to make our journeys safe, comfortable, and convenient. Most of us use ridesharing apps of various ridesharing companies to fulfill our travel requirements. Well, there are a multitude of ridesharing companies out there, but not all can offer satisfactory travel experiences to people.

If you are a Dallas resident and want the best taxi service in Dallas through a ridesharing company, choose YAY Driver! YAY Driver is a highly reliable ridesharing company providing excellent riding experiences to its customers in and around Dallas. With the YAY Driver mobile app, you can hire a taxi and complete your ride with utmost convenience.

Here are some reasons YAY Driver is the best ridesharing company to choose when hiring taxi service in Dallas:


1.      Transparency

 Yay Driver is what it says it is! The company exhibits transparency in all its actions. As it claims, YAY driver offers service 24/7, letting you hire taxi service in Dallas whenever you need, whether it’s day or night.

 As mentioned in the company’s website, YAY Driver lets you choose from a variety of vehicles for your travel requirements, including taxi, SUV, private taxi, stretch limousine, airport shuttle, limo buses, and more. Choose the vehicle that best suits your travel needs and tastes.

 When it comes to riding fare, the company maintains a high degree of transparency. When you book a taxi through the YAY Driver app, the app notifies you of the estimated cost of traveling.  You need to make the payment with your credit card through the app, after your ride is complete. The cost you pay is same as the estimated cost in most cases. In rare cases, the cost may be slightly higher than the estimated cost, which may happen because of different valid reasons.


2.      Safety

Riding with a YAY Driver taxi is highly safe and secure. Here’s why:

 1. Each driver working with the company undergoes a clean background check.

2. Each driver carries commercial auto insurance.

3. It’s ensured that the drivers don’t have any serious DMV violations as well as they have driven a minimum of 50K miles in last 12 months.

 4. The vehicles offered to customers are in perfect condition with no visible issues.


3.      Comfort

 Each vehicle of YAY Driver offers you the highest level of comfort. Whether your trip is for a few minutes or for long hours, YAY Driver ensures that you are comfortable in the vehicle. The taxis and other vehicles of the company are equipped with advanced features and cozy seating to offer you a pleasant, stress-free travel experience!


4.      Flexibility

 YAY Driver offers you taxi service in Dallas 24/7. You can hire the company’s vehicles at any time of the day or night. You can travel anywhere in and around Dallas with YAY Driver vehicles. Your travel requirements are always a priority for YAY Driver, and so, their taxis arrive at time and help you reach your destination on time.

 So what are you waiting for download the app now.



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