Top 11 Tourist Attractions in Dallas That Can Be Explored By Cab

  • #29 Oct-2018

Exploring Dallas is an experience in itself. Whether you are visiting the city or a native of the place, there is something exciting each time you move through downtown. One of the easiest ways to go about covering them smoothly is to avail the affordable Taxi Cab Service in Dallas offered by a host of agents.


Museums, famous landmarks, art centers and parks, you can travel to them all easily at any time of the year. To save on your travelling expense, you can download a popular Taxi Cab Service in Dallas

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Here are the top 11 attractions to head for in the city:


1.      Old Red Museum


A place that you can visit with your family, it is a red sandstone courthouse built back in 1890. It now serves as a fascinating museum with artifacts from pre-historic times to the present day. Kids and adults alike will be thrilled to learn about the first Dallas settlements in 1841 and admire the huge shark teeth and mammoth tusk. There are also several other memorabilia to trace the exciting history of the city.


2.      The Sixth Floor Museum


Another landmark museum, there is much to explore about the 6th floor assassination of President Kennedy standing at the exact spot from where the shot was fired. Move on to the grassy knoll below and rake your mind about the theories of the second shooter and the larger conspiracy picture.


3.      Southfork Ranch


Visiting this place will surely call for a good cab ride to take you through the 30 minutes drive from the Dallas downtown. There is a guided tour to explain all about the eponymous long running TV shows with real costumes and props used. There is also free space for you to wander about and grab a bite at the landmark Miss Elli’s Deli and pick some cowboy boots at the themed gift-shop!


4.      Dallas Arboretum


A cool place to be at, enjoy the live musical events from several genres especially the 70s and the 80s. The ‘Cool Thursday Concerts’ are a major hit with the locals and tourists alike. There is the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden for children and the opportunity to enjoy a walk under the ‘Cascades’ waterfall.


5.      Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park


This is one place where you can literally let your hair down with friends and family with the thrilling rides to spike up your stay in Dallas! Whether you wish to give it all in a bungee jump or go on a roller coaster ride, you can make your pick from among the host of rides that the amusement park offers.


6.      Arts District


This is an area that you can explore all day long. It comprises of 19 blocks that are houses to theatres, museums and restaurants. You cannot miss the drum-shaped Winspear Opera House. Go on walking tour or get scavenger hunting to get the true feel of the place.


7.      Pioneer Plaza


Located within the Arts District, the plaza is home to the famous and Dallas landmark Cattle Drive sculptures. Made in bronze, it is the best way that reminds natives and visitors of the history of the region.


8.      Klyde Warren Park


The park built on reclaimed railway track stitches together the art districts of the city. There are unlimited free activities for you to enjoy from yoga to ice-skating chess to table tennis. The 5.2 acres of green space between St. Paul Street and Pear street is a refreshing spot within the cityscape. Make sure to spend time here to feel and enjoy the pulse of the city. Reach here easily by a rideshare cab or book a taxi cab from your destination.


9.      Highland Park Village


You cannot give shopping a miss when in downtown Dallas and the Highland Park Village is the perfect place to head to. The place has 235 store that blends fashion and style rages with 1.4 acres of garden and water features to enjoy the ambience. The highlights are the haute couture Spanish-influenced architecture stores.


10.  Adventure Landing

Yet another outdoor amusement and adventure destination for adults and kids alike, it also has some exciting indoor games facilities. Enjoy your time and relish the food and snacks as you spend your day here.



11.  Lower Greenville


If you are wondering about a place where you can have a night out, this is the place to come to. What used to be a taboo earlier has now turned into a cool destination with opportunity mix with the hip local Texans and enjoy some gourmet food from the natives.




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