About Us

We established in 2018 by the request of drivers.

Rides on Rideshare platforms became so cheap that anyone could afford to get a ride but they're also came a problem where highest quality drivers could not afford to drive anymore after 35 to 80% being taken by Rideshare companies for their service.

After studying the Rideshare industry for a long time and looking at various different options we came to a conclusion creating a new company where drivers can be in full control and receive 100% of the rider fair.

Drivers are 100% business owners or they're working for an independent company.

On all Yay services, drivers required go through verification process: 

  • Fingerprint FBI background check (clean background check)
  • Safe Drivers with experience (verifying drivers do not have serious DMV violations and they have at least driven 50K miles in the last 12 months)
  • Carry Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Vehicles in perfect condition no visible issues
  • Driver's customer service at highest level


On Basic service, drivers go through basic check process: 

  • Background check (no major felonies)
  • Carry Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Vehicles in decent condition no visible issues


On Basic X Service, rates are market competitive.

Yay Driver Inc. 

  • Do not take any responsibility and/or liability whatsoever



  • Rider take full responsibility for the service’s and Drivers that they choose



  • Drivers are required to provide best possible customer service
  • Handle all customer disputes
  • Carry-all Required licensing, Commercial Auto Insurance, pay all required taxes and fees


For any instructions how to become a rider or driver please go to our help center