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A Nationwide app based transportation service providing multiple types of transportation service to get Riders to their desired destination.

Our goal is to offer many services under one name and platform, it will be regulated, safe and fair to all sides.

Why unite:

-By uniting we will be able to fulfill customers needs by getting them to their destination more efficiently.

-Attract more customers to Professional, Quality, safe and reliable service.

-Be able to compete against Rideshare industry.

-Be able to control the demand of drivers, by approving full-time drivers that understand public transportation business.

-Earn more realistic income receiving 100% of the fare.

Real-time Ride Requests.

Full detail trip report at the time of ride request.

-Map displaying recommended trip route.

-Time and mileage to customer pickup location.

-Customer pickup location address.

-Estimated price quoted for the trip.

-Time and mileage for the trip.

-Customer destination address.

-Customer average rating and rating and comment history.

Ride scheduling option.

-Where customer can pre-schedule a ride.

Dispatcher option.

-For customers that having a hard time using their smartphone or don't have a smartphone can call in to get a ride dispatched to thim or current transportation companies with dispatch call centers can transition to our system using our dispatch back office.


-In-app navigation or your third-party navigation like Google Maps or Waze.

Activity screen

-Pre-scheduled rides assigned to a driver.

Rides History

-History of completed rides with transaction amount and customer contact information.

In app credit card payment processing.

-2 to 7 days payout into your bank through stripe Merchants system

-Stripe Merchant fee 2.9% + $0.30

You earn 100% of the fare.

-100% of the fare paid out to drivers minus Merchant fee.

Fees charged by Yay Driver.

-Monthly licensing fee of $100 or 10% of total rides whichever is less for the use of the Yay Driver app platform will be added to the driver wallet in the beginning of each month for the previous month.

-One time customer marketing fee of $150 to be used for marketing to attract riders and receive a referral fee of $3 for every rider you refer to the Yay platform by driver referral code.

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Join soon-to-be biggest Nationwide app based dispatch system for cab, limo, limo busses and shuttle service

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